FreeRTOS Event Viewer

QTrace Analyser combines real-time instruction trace with a FreeRTOS event viewer to give exceptional insight into complex embedded systems in one very affordable package.

QTrace Analyser FreeRTOS event viewer


  • Integrated into QTrace Analyser
  • Targets the very popular FreeRTOS kernel
  • Works on any ARM Cortex-M device supported by QTrace
  • Continuously records RTOS events
  • Works in parallel with real-time instruction trace

  • Firmware sends RTOS events via the low overhead ITM port
  • Uses lightweight RTOS trace library functions
  • Supports most events e.g. thread creation, context switch, mutex blocking, user events, etc.
  • Recording continues while captured events are analysed
  • Provides event filtering & search for easier analysis

Each of the main RTOS viewer features are detailed in the following sections →

Thread Execution

Live Thread Statistics

RTOS Event List

Event Search

Event Filtering

For further information about the FreeRTOS Event Viewer, see section 6 of the QTrace user manual.