Code Coverage Insights

The following examples show what information can be inferred from the live code coverage view.
All without stopping the CPU, using break-points or modifying code:

Example #1 – Inferred time duration
Inferred time duration

Example #2 – Multiple conditionals on separate lines
Multiple conditionals on separate lines

Example #3 – Only 1 mutex created
Only 1 mutex created

Example #4 – Blocked thread
Blocked thread

Example #5 – No device errors
No SD-card errors

Eliminates Re-runs
The code coverage information is always available for every line that has (and has not) executed. When an event occurs, especially an intermittant one, having the execution history available for analysis as in the above examples often eliminates the need to re-run the code to catch the event again with a break-point. This is yet another way that QTrace saves development time.